Corporate story

Tong Chang was founded in 1986, the manufacture of low voltage and high voltage switchboards for electrical power transmission and distribution equipment has been the basis thereof, which devoted itself to the Southeast Asian market. Adhering to the spirit of innovation and breakthrough, advancing with the times and transforming into Tectiiko Technology Company Limited.
Technology Technique Tactics
Tectiiko sticks to the excellent quality of construction process through critically professional and innovative engineering technology, as well as developing green engineering, working with partners to materialize green promises and create a sustainable production environment to be kind to the earth. Based on years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Tectiiko extends the work to metal processing, and develops applications for automotive, aerospace, construction and other fields, which is expected to be officially launched in 2022 in order to continue to expand production capacity,start a new plant construction plan, create a future factory with efficient and flexible automation, and ensure manufacturing strength to maintain its leadership position, grasping the rapidly changing market demand.
Achievement: won the “20th The Outstanding Overseas Taiwanese SMEs Award” in 2018 and the “Foreign & Domestic Entrepreneurship Award” in 2019.


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Passed through certificates of Quality, Safety and Health Management System Standard, our engineering services are operated under quality control systems and expert supervision.


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Tectiiko is specialized in construction engineering, manufacturing of equipment for power transmission and distribution and precision sheet-metal processing, establishing an excellent team of design planning, maintenance management, construction technology and production quality to provide customers with complete services.

Expect to achieve the goal of “Excellent Quality, Technology Leadership, and Perfect Service”.